“The Middle Ages”

An afterschool situation comedy for middle school students 

Created by Stephen Neigher


Lead Characters


Byron Cornell 14, rising eighth grader.  Cooler than cool, he thinks. Girl magnet in his head, basketball star, dancing fool, unconcerned student.  Refers to himself in the third person


Lani Cornell, 12, Rising 7th grader. Adorable, tweener, very insecure about who likes who when, Very curious about boys, smart, but settles, crush on Byron’s friend.  Worried about the way she looks at all times.


Dean Cornell, 10. Rising 5th grader.  Incredibly smart, but hides it.  Photographic memory.  Wants to be cool like brother Byron and have a posse.


Nat Cornell.  38.  Father.  Gym teacher at middle school.  Sports coach.  Way too busy.  Laissez faire parenting style.Oblivious/trusting as to what kids are up to.   Former star athlete at school.  Still has macho instincts.  Went to State.  Married wife at 22. 


Toni Cornell.  38.  Mom. Retiring as major in the Army after twenty years.  Took ROTC in college.  Met Nat at State.  Excellent athlete.  Very disciplined. Meddling.  Meticulous.  Can’t help herself.

Toyman.  14.  Byron’s friend.  New to the school.  Very cute.  Lani’s crush.



Kids at school. Teacher. Any new characters you create.