Some episode ideas suggested by middle school participants in THE MIDDLE AGES:


A school project has the kids taking care of a doll, or an egg, for a weekend as if it were a baby.


Lani likes a boy, even though her friends don't think he's cute. Lani foolishly tries to "improve" his looks by cutting his hair, adding make-up, and making him go without his glasses. Shrieks, rashes, and crashes ensue.


Dean totally makes up things about himself on Bebo.


Kids hate the lunches Toni's been packing for them. Too many green things. She tells them they're on their own. Stomachs must be pumped.


Byron comes home from school with a pocket full of phone numbers for girls he met. Unfortunately, he forgot to put names on the papers.


The kids volunteer to babysit the new neighbor's child to earn some money. Turns out to be the child from "heck."


In his excitement, Nat misreads a letter and thinks he's being inducted into the schoolboy athletic Hall of Fame for his exploits twenty years ago. Turns out they just want him to bring pot luck entrée. The family must console him.